About The MQRA

Founded in March 2008, the MQRA aims to provide an umbrella organisation to represent the interests of all individuals, organisations and businesses that live and work in the growing Maritime Quarter of Swansea.

The MQRA seeks to improve the local environment of Swansea Marina while developing amenities for recreation and encouraging community spirit. This is done in consultation with the Local Authority and other bodies.

The MQRA represents a focal point for all smaller Residents’ Associations found throughout the Maritime Quarter and encourages communication and regular interaction with its small group of committee members.

Any issues needing attention by the Maritime Quarter Residents’ Association may be submitted by using the Contact Us page, or by attending one of its regular meetings.

The MQRA is always looking for new members and invites anybody with an interest in developing and improving life in the Maritime Quarter to contact a committee member at any time.

The Maritime Quarter Includes the Residential Properties and Businesses within the RED dotted area