The Mercy

I went to watch the film ‘The Mercy‘ recently, at the Vue Cinema in Swansea. It had just one showing which was at 1.00pm in the afternoon. I was pleasantly surprised that the cost was just ¬£3.99 which included a drink (Tea, Coffee, Hot Chocolate or Soft Drink plus a small packet of biscuits).

The film starred Colin Firth and Rachel Weisz and told the sad story of Donald Crowhurst and his attempt to sail non-stop around the World in 1968. Robin Knox-Johnson eventually won the race.

It is a story many have read about and many, no doubt, may have seen the numerous documentaries. This is a film about a man with a dream, the people that were enthused by his vision and then the pressures from his backer and the press and the chaos of his departure when he was really not ready and wanted to pull out but went anyway. As a sailor the sailing scenes were well done and I think it would also appeal to a non sailor. It is a story of human endeavour and miscalculation.

It’s an excellent film with good acting and suggest you watch it if you get the chance. For me it was a nostalgic film in that it was set at a time that I recall with great passion.

You can see a trailer by clicking here