The Maritime Quarter Residents' Association

The Maritime Quarter Residents’ Association addresses the issues relating to the conditions and amenities in the Swansea Marina area. It aims to connect with and to support and provide a voice for residents in our community. It was formed in 2008, with the backing of Swansea Marina residents and Local Councillors.

The MQRA promotes the social interaction of all residents and business owners who live and work in the Swansea Marina area. We try to deliver this goal by lobbying and working constructively with our Local Councillors, Council Executives and other organisations.

The MQRA website provides residents, visitors and businesses with details about current events and issues in the Swansea Marina area.  The website focuses on the work the Residents’ Association carry out on your behalf. Contact us with any suggestions to help promote the works of the MQRA.

Use the website to contact the MQRA Committee regarding any issues that you would like the MQRA to consider. If you have a general enquiry or require assistance in accessing the site, please contact

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To improve the local environment of the Maritime Quarter while developing amenities for recreation and encouraging community spirit. 


1.1. The Name of the association is



Represent the interests of all those who live and work in the area in consultation with the local authority and other bodies. Promote the maintenance and improvement of environment conditions and amenities. Provide facilities for recreation and amenity and to encourage community spiritTo promote the harmonious functioning of a multi-racial community and to work towards the elimination of all forms of racism and discrimination within it.

The association shall be non-political.
The association is an equal opportunities organisation.
To actively work with owners, landlords and other organisations for the benefit of all.
To raise funds by way of contributions, donations, subscriptions, legacies and any other lawful method.
To apply for funding to further the association’s aims.
Do all such other lawful things as are deemed necessary.
To call at least two members’/residents’ consultative meetings per annum, one to be on the same day as the Annual General Meeting.


Membership is open to all those who support the aims of the association who live and work (including owners) in that area bounded by the Oystermouth and Victoria Roads and Quay Parade to the north, the sea to the south, the River Tawe to the east and County Hall to the west.

Local elected councillors shall be considered to be ex-officio members of the association and will be invited to all public meetings.

There will be a membership fee as determined by the Annual General Meeting, the prompt payment of such fee being a condition of membership. The membership fee payable at each meeting attended shall be £1


The association will be managed by a Management Committee (the ‘Committee’) elected from the membership each year at an Annual General Meeting.
All members of the Committee have to be members of the association.
The Committee will be made up of a minimum of seven (7) members and a maximum of ten (10) members; included will be Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary (plus Minute Secretary, where numbers permit), Treasurer and Social Secretary and other positions as the AGM may decide together with up to five (5) other ordinary members.
The Committee may also co-opt no more than one representative from each properly constituted residents’/management association in the Maritime Quarter area.
The Committee may from time-to-time also co-opt such other persons as it thinks fit.
One representative of the elected councillors for the area nominated by them will be invited to attend each Committee meeting.
Where possible a gender balance will be maintained on the Committee.
All elected Committee members will retire annually but can be re-appointed if willing to stand.
In the event of the resignation or death of an officer or Committee member, the Committee may co-opt an individual to fill such a casual vacancy only until the next General meeting when the vacancy will be filled by election.
All decisions will be made by a simple majority. In the case of equality of votes the matter under discussion shall be considered lost.
Proper minutes will be kept of decisions made by the Committee, General or Members’/Residents’ Consultative Meeting and made available to any member to inspect on reasonable notice.
Minutes of the previous meeting shall be presented to each Committee, General, Members’/Residents’ Consultative Meeting.
Minutes of all Committee meetings shall be available at each Members’/Residents’ Consultative Meeting and proper books of record of the finances of the association will be kept and made available to any member to inspect on reasonable notice.
A financial report will be presented to each Committee meeting.


The Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held in the first Quarter of each year. Fourteen (14) days’ notice in writing will be given of agenda, date and time of the meeting.
At each AGM the Committee will:
Report on the previous year’s activities.
Give a financial report for the previous year.
Conduct an election of Committee members.
Recommend the membership fee for the forthcoming year.
Put forward any proposed amendments to this constitution.
No other business shall be conducted.
All decisions will be made by a simple majority. In the case of equality of votes the matter under discussion shall be considered lost.
The quorum for an AGM shall be 15% of current members or a minimum of ten (10) members whichever is the greater. At least two ordinary (i.e. non-committee) members must be present to achieve quoracy.
Proper minutes will be kept of decisions made by any General Meeting and shall be made available to any member to inspect on reasonable notice.


The Committee or any five (5) members may call a General Meeting at any time.
Fourteen (14) days’ notice in writing will be given to members of date, time and venue of the meeting and the business to be discussed.
Proper minutes will be kept of decisions by the General Meeting and made available to any member to inspect on reasonable notice.
All decisions will be made by a simple majority. In the case of equality of votes the matter under discussion shall be considered lost.
Minutes of the previous meeting shall be presented to each General Meeting
All local elected councillors shall be invited to all general meetings


For matters of an emergency nature the Committee may call an Extraordinary General Meeting at any time to discuss the emergency matter only. Seven (7) days’ notice in writing will be given to members of date, time and venue of the meeting and the emergency business to be discussed.
All decisions will be made by a simple majority. In the case of equality of votes the matter under discussion shall be considered lost.
Proper minutes will be kept of decisions by the Extraordinary Meeting and made available to any member to inspect on reasonable notice.
Minutes of Extraordinary meeting shall be presented to the next General Meeting.
All local elected councillors shall be invited to all extraordinary meetings.


The Committee shall call a Members’/Residents’ Consultative Meeting at least twice per annum to discuss such matters as the Committee considers relevant. It may invite such persons to address these meetings as it thinks fit.
Proper minutes will be kept of decisions by the Consultative Meeting and made available to any member to inspect on reasonable notice.
All decisions will be made by a simple majority. In the case of equality of votes the matter under discussion shall be considered lost.
Minutes of Consultative meetings shall be presented to the next Consultative Meeting.
All local elected councillors shall be invited to all Consultative meetings.


All funds raised by or on behalf of the association will be used to further the aims of the association and for no other purpose.
The treasurer will keep proper books of record of the finances of the association and allow independent checking of these records of the finances of the group.
The association will hold its funds in an account with Lloyds TSB or with such other bank/building society as the Committee shall from time to time decide. This account will be in the group’s name and two signatures amongst the Chair, Secretary and Treasurer will be required to authorise expenditure. One of the signatures must be the Treasurer, except where the Treasurer has died, resigned or is otherwise uncontactable.
The association’s financial year will be January 1st to December 31st each year. A report of the year’s income and expenses will be prepared for presentation to members at the Annual General Meeting.
No individual member will make any personal financial or material gain from the association’s funds. Legitimate expenses only will be met.


This constitution may be altered by a resolution passed by not less than two thirds of the members present and voting at a properly notified and quorate General meeting. The notice must include details of the proposed changes.


If the Committee consider that, on the grounds of finance or otherwise, it is necessary or advisable to dissolve the association it will call a meeting of all members giving not less than fourteen (14) days’ notice of the resolution to be considered. If such a decision is approved by a two thirds majority of those members present and voting the association will be dissolved. In this event any assets remaining after the payment of proper debts will be transferred to a charity of the members’ choice or a properly constituted voluntary organisation with similar aims.

Date: 24th January 2013

Welcome, everyone, to the website of the Maritime Quarter Residents’ Association, Swansea (MQRA). My name is Jon Woolliscroft and I am currently Chair of the Association.

The MQRA was formed in 2008, with the encouragement of local councillors in the Castle Ward, Swansea, and exists to address issues relating to the conditions and amenities found around the Marina and to encourage the social interaction and inclusion of all who live and work in the area.

The Association seeks to represent the views of all residents and business owners who live and work in the Maritime Quarter and offers itself as an ‘umbrella organisation’ for other local residents’ associations on the Marina, which address more specific residential management matters in their locality, but would benefit from a broader forum to express their concerns and views.

This website has been created to enable residents and visitors alike to find out what is happening in the Maritime Quarter and focuses on the work we do as a Residents’ Association on your behalf.

Why do we do it? The MQRA believes that the Maritime Quarter, Swansea, is uniquely placed to be a great place to live and work, as well as being a first class destination for visitors; we believe the Maritime Quarter has yet to achieve its full potential and can benefit further from the improvements planned for Swansea and particularly the SA1 area.

We try to deliver this goal by lobbying and working constructively with our local councillors, council executives and other organisations. We also aim to protect residents of the Maritime Quarter from anti-social activities, working closely with the police via the local PACT initiative, and from any unwelcome proposed developments which could impact negatively on the quality of life in the Marina and sea-front area.

So what have we achieved? Over recent years, the MQRA has secured the ring fencing of money for the improvement of selected areas within the Maritime Quarter, which has been in particular need of maintenance and updating. This has been done in consultation with various council departments, which have been responsive to our suggestions and whose staff have attended many of our committee meetings and public general meetings to which all residents are invited.

You will have seen the results of our efforts along the sea-front promenade between the Observatory and Swansea Civic Centre, with new paving, railings, seating, street furniture and lighting being installed.

In terms of protecting the environment, over the past few years, the MQRA has successfully fought against the construction of a Bio-mass Power Station on the Kings Dock, Swansea, ensured that far stricter conditions than had been previously envisaged were imposed on the ship breaking operation permitted in Swansea drydocks.

We aim to organise social events from time to time and we are always open to new ideas for getting to know each other; we hope we will see you at one our gatherings shortly. Details of our events are updated regularly on the website, so please keep an eye on the website for details of future events!

Please also use the communication tools on this website to make the committee aware of any issues of concern and which you would like the MQRA to consider. You may send an email from this site to our administrative team.

We look forward to seeing you at our regular consultative meetings, which usually take place in the Civic Centre. The dates of these are always published on this site and emailed to those of you who are registered on our contact list.

With Best Wishes,

Jon Woolliscroft
Chair, Maritime Quarter Residents’ Association, Swansea

Jon Woolliscroft – Chair
I am married to a Swansea girl. We have lived in Swansea for the last 25 years and in the Maritime Quarter for 9 years. I am a semi-retired engineer working mainly abroad. My main interests beside my family and grandchildren are cycling, travelling, sub aqua (only in warm waters these days), sailing (when I find the time) and roaming in the camper.

Sally-Anne Jones – Vice Chair
I have lived in the Maritime Quarter since 1989, moving into my Grandmother’s house which was the original part of the Docks redevelopment. I have been active in trying to keep The Maritime Quarter a safe and welcoming area to live, work and visit and hopefully as part of the Committee of the MQRA can continue to do so.

Louise Hughes – Treasurer

Sylvie Evans – Minutes Secretary
Having spent thirty years teaching in England, I now feel fully “at home” in Swansea. After arriving here in 2007, I decided to return to studying, gaining a Fine Art degree at Swansea Metropolitan University; I am now an artist who specialises in photographic collages of our local area and also a founder member of the 15hundredlives art collective. Not knowing anyone when I first moved here, the MQRA has given me a great opportunity to meet and get to know so many local residents who I now count as friends. I am committed to improving further the beautiful surroundings of the Maritime Quarter which provide a positive stimulus to my creativity.

Dawn LLewellyn-Price – Facebook Coordinator
Originally from the Neath area, I spent many years living in Carmarthenshire and now split my year between Swansea and Spain, I contribute articles on a regular basis to the South Wales Evening Post, The Journal Murcia, an ex-pat publication, and I maintain the Swansea Maritime Quarter Facebook page to encourage visitors to the area by updates, photos and generally making outsiders aware that Swansea has a marina. I believe that I have a more European outlook on some of Swansea’s issues and how other areas promote their Maritime environment.

Phil Roberts
Not actually a Swansea Jack more a Jack-Tar. Former Government employee involved in procurement but now opted for less hectic activities with a defined work-life balance.

Social Events Team

Paul McAdam – Social Events Secretary
I was born in London and lived and worked there until I retired in 2006. I moved to Swansea with my partner of 42 years in 2011 and live in the Marina. I currently volunteer at The Egypt Centre in Swansea University teaching children on school visits the joys of Mummification, amongst other things! I am also on the committee of The Friends Of Swansea Slip Bridge and run their Facebook page, The Return Of Swansea Slip Bridge. I have a passion for world travel and get away as often as I can. I care about my community and my surroundings and being on the MQRA committee allows me to get involved and hopefully make a difference.

Sue Cane
Most of my working life (as a Corporate Research Manager) was spent in central London, but I lived in Africa and New York for a few years and retired early to Spain. My mother was from Birchgrove and I have family in the area, so moved to the marina 18 months ago. I have been working as a volunteer gallery guide at the Egypt Centre for nine years.

Maintenance Team

Jennifer Keirl
Originally from Swansea, I worked at the DVLA from 1973 – 1990 before moving to London where I continued to work in the public sector in Marketing, Publishing and Project Management. I returned from London in 2006, but continued to work as a Tour Manager for Solos Holidays. Having attended a counselling skills course at Swansea University, I now work part-time at the University. I was elected as the first chair of the MQRA in 2008.

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Maritime Quarter Business Directory

Business TypeTelephone No
Morgans HotelEmail Me Hotel01792 484848
Bay Estate AgentsEmail Me Estate Agents01792 645566
Peter Alan Estate AgentsEmail Me Estate Agents01792 463780
Coop Food StoreGeneral Store01792 464627
Annie’s Marina CafeCafe01792 457330
Attic GalleryArt Gallery01792 653387
Boat and River TripsLeisure07785 347549
Coast CafeCafe01792 448955
Coffee FrescoCafe01792 472331
Dawsons Estate AgentsEstate Agents01792 653100
Dylan Thomas ExhibitionLeisure01792 463980
Dylan Thomas TheatreTheatre01792 473238
Force 4 ChandleryNautical & Sailing01792 465570
Gallini's RestaurantRestaurant01792 456285
Gigi Gao's Favourite Authentic ChineseRestaurant01792 653300
GLC Student PropertiesProperty Lettings01792 510502
Jamie Hill SalonHair Saloon01792 470277
LC2 Leisure Centre Leisure01792 466500
Marina Stores (Swansea) LtdGeneral Store01792 456455
Maritime Museum Leisure0300 111 2333
Mission GalleryArt Gallery01792 652016
Pilot House Cycle HireLeisure01792 463199
Quay 3 Restaurant and BarRestaurant01792 462251
Sabre SailsNautical & Sailing07584 222673
Swansea Central LibraryCouncil01792 636464
Swansea Civic CentreCouncil01792 636000
Swansea Fresh Fish LtdFish Market01792 480800
Swansea MarinaNautical & Sailing01792 470310
Swansea Marine Group LtdNautical & Sailing01792 465570
Swansea MuseumLeisure01792 653763
Swansea Sea CadetsSports & Activities01792 650763
The Grape and OliveBar01792 462617
The Marriott HotelHotel01792 642020
The Pump HouseBar01792 651080
The Queens HotelPublic House01792 521531
The Schooner InnPublic House07789 035780
The SWIGGCafe01792 655666
The Waterfront CafeCafe
West Pier DeliCafe01792 476966

Businesses, Residential Blocks and Places of Interest

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Bay Estate & Letting Agents
29 Camona Drive
Maritime Quarter
Swansea SA1 1YJ
t: +44 1792 645566

Morgans Hotel
Somerset Place
Swansea SA1 1RR
t: +44 1792 484848
f: +44 2791 476715

Peter Alan Estate Agents
Unit 6, Abernethy Square
Maritime Quarter
Swansea SA1 1UH
t: +44 1792 463780