The Maritime Quarter Residents’ Association addresses the issues relating to the conditions and amenities in the Swansea Marina area. It aims to connect with and to support and provide a voice for residents in our community. It was formed in 2008, with the backing of Swansea Marina residents and Local Councillors.

The MQRA promotes the social interaction of all residents and business owners who live and work in the Swansea Marina area. We try to deliver this goal by lobbying and working constructively with our Local Councillors, Council Executives and other organisations.

The MQRA website provides residents, visitors and businesses with details about current events and issues in the Swansea Marina area.  The website focuses on the work the Residents’ Association carry out on your behalf. Contact us with any suggestions to help promote the works of the MQRA.

Visit one of our organised Coffee Mornings which we hold on a regular basis.

Use the website to contact the MQRA Committee regarding any issues that you would like the MQRA to consider. You can send a secure message using the ‘Contact Us‘ page or use the Forum to exchange your views.

You will need to Join and Login to fully access the MQRA website. Click HERE to Join.

If you have a general enquiry or require assistance in accessing the site, please contact


Read our News pages for details about current issues within the Swansea Marina area. If you are interested in joining our Tennis Club or one of our other games clubs then read the Forum for further details.

Take a look at our Business Directory for details of bars and coffee houses etc within the Swansea Marina area.


There are details of Current Issues,  Upcoming Events Ongoing Events and MQRA Events in our News page.
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